once upon a time...dannemark

Created in 1948, in waimes, under the impetus of henri dannemark, the company dannemark is launched in the field of trading and serial production of agricultural equipment.

Twenty years later, the family business diversifies its activities and specializes in the service of civil engineering equipment.

The company grew to qualify in 1979 as a "performing company".

With the constant increase of its customers and in order to offer a more efficient service, dannemark created in 1992 a new company in flémalle, in the liège region.

A third company spectra-service lg, also in flemalle, specializes in laser equipment and service.

Currently, the company dannemark is the official importer of the brands CASE construction, AMMANN compaction, and RAVO. Dannemark also distributes MANITOU, HUSQVARNA et SPECTRA. And more, the company is recognized nationally for its diversity in a highly targeted sector and meets the needs of a more and more varied clientele: the municipal administrations, the ministries, the industries, the road, earthmoving and construction (…).

the crucial steps


creation of the dannemark company in faymonville by mr. henri dannemark


creation of the workshop in waimes


opening of dannemark to civil engineering equipment


change of status to sprl


the company dannemark is classified as "performing company". it was at this time that messrs. joseph, walter and eloi danmark arrived in the company.


the company and its staff move into completely new premises (offices, workshops).


passage to s.a.


the stores and offices of dannemark s.a. are enlarged


creation of the company dannemark lg in flemalle


enlargement of flémalle's workshops


  • import-export of civil engineering equipment
  • sale
  • cleaning equipment: sweepers
  • construction and manufacturing workshop
  • after-sales service: 11 equipped vans and a semi-trailer allow quick trips to your sites for fast and efficient service throughout wallonia, brussels and the grand duchy of luxembourg.

The team

Our team consists of 37 employees. In addition to the administrative staff, the majority of the team is made up of high-level technicians specialized in advanced fields such as mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, electronics, various engines, industrial painting and the welding.

Our 17 technicians, 3 storekeepers and 3 salesmen undergo continuous training in order to maintain a high level of competence.